HUB & Patient Support Solutions Complement Pre-Commercialisation Services

Terebellum’s expanded HUB/ Patient Support Services for Life Sciences manufacturers are recognised as the best-in-class outsourced solutions for successful medication access, compliance and enhanced outcomes.
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Terebellum’s expanded HUB / Patient Support Services for Life Sciences manufacturers are recognised as the best-in-class outsourced solutions for successful medication access, compliance and enhanced outcomes.

An increasing number of pharmaceutical manufacturers are choosing to rely upon Terebellum HUB services to unlock product potential and eliminate barriers to accessing therapy for individuals with specialty conditions or rare and orphan disease.

When HUB solutions are paired with outsourced market access and pre-commercialisation services, Terebellum acts as an extension of the manufacturer’s existing trade or market access team, resulting in maximised opportunities for ensuring patient access to therapy, optimising reimbursement at launch and improving outcomes for patients. This powerful combination of resources represents end-to-end solutions that provide manufacturers with a ‘one-stop” resource as differentiated from working with multiple outsourced vendors that focus upon narrower subsets of capabilities or specialties.

In this increasingly complex and rapidly evolving outsourcing landscape, our dedicated team of experienced professionals work collaboratively with the manufacturer’s in-house resources to implement our integrated solutions that support all initiatives throughout the product lifecycle and beyond.


Seven Critical Success Factors Throughout the Product Lifecycle of Specialty Drugs, Cell and Gene Therapies (CGTs)

We invite our readers to learn more about the opportunities to impact product launch, emphasising the importance of engaging our end-to-end, HUB solutions very early in the process – as long as 4-5 years prior to launch.

  1. Engage a single, cross-functional Specialty Pharmacy (SP) solutions partner for a variety of HUB services including pre-commercialisation, launch and market access solutions, plus centralised capabilities – including those performed by other outsourced vendors across the care continuum, to ease the administrative burden of managing multiple vendors and allowing manufacturers to work with a single resource for all programme and drug launch milestones.

  2. SP partner HUB services should be: a) flexible, allowing manufacturers to choose only the services they need, whether it’s all the capabilities or a la carte b) data-driven, providing real-time, actionable data that emanates from one source to support real-world evidence and outcomes-based data management c) complete, meeting manufacturers’ needs to shift away from multiple big box vendors and opt for an all-inclusive programme that offers full-service support and service d) consultative, building a relationship with the manufacturer that demonstrates an understanding of their challenges and supports the development of solutions based upon active listening e) customisable, positioned to respond to the unique requirements of manufacturers who express dissatisfaction with “off-the-shelf” or cookie-cutter offerings that fail to address their unmet needs.

  3. Terebellum also has introduced novel pharmaceutical financial solutions backed by technology -- a critical requirement in this new era of expensive specialty medications and ultra-expensive CGTs. Alleviating the challenges of funding these expensive treatments, this financial solution allows novel and potentially curative treatments to be brought to market to benefit rare disease patients.

Additionally, our Copay Advisor™ programme monitors and tracks manufacturer copay funds, enabling complete transparency into copay transactions, to ensure allotted funds are utilised to help offset costs of expensive therapies for patients. These capabilities not only enhance access to expensive life-saving medications, but they also support the payers’ transition to value-based payment models under outcomes-based contracts, offering transparency into the patient journey that is documented by real-time data collection and analysis.

  1. When HUB services employ a consumer-focused, patient-centric approach, manufacturers can proactively respond to market demands for higher levels of patient engagement in clinical decision-making and protocols. By empowering individuals with information and education and by giving them personalised guidance with a ‘human touch’ increases patient engagement, boosts satisfaction scores and enhances the patient experience throughout the healthcare journey.

To further ensure optimal therapeutic outcomes, our care coordinators and expert call centre trained teams in all specialty conditions and rare diseases, utilise technology-based tools and algorithms to break down barriers to medication access, streamline communications between prescriber, patient and pharmacy and ultimately decrease time to fill of prescriptions.

  1. Comprehensive supply chain logistics capabilities are an essential component of HUB services, ensuring the flow of products from the initial point of production to the final destination – the patient. As an SP partner that specialises in rare diseases, our services are designed to optimise the supply chain for every type of pharmaceutical product and are built to scale in response to the size and growth of product inventory.

  2. Exclusive international distribution options are constructed to safeguard accurate and cost-effective services to ensure patient access to therapies whenever and wherever needed. Additionally, our programmes for limited distribution drugs (LDDs), medications to which only a handful of pharmacies have access, offer high-touch attention to special handling requirements that span refrigeration, overnight delivery or shipment tracking that supports uninterrupted therapy. This is especially important for specialty medications with complex molecules, including biologics and CGTs with narrower target patient populations.

  3. HUB service teams that are knowledgeable, experienced and thoroughly understand the market are valuable allies in successful access strategies.. Terebellum is fortunate to offer a skilled team of professionals who have the global contacts and market savvy to craft optimal pricing strategies that are in place on the day of product launch.

Engage with a HUB Services Partner Early in the Process

As we have stressed in all our communications, it is important to leverage our HUB services during all phases of pre-commercialisation and market access – which can be 4-5 years prior to launch. Initial and long-term growth strategies have proven to deliver meaningful and tangible results, optimising patient engagement across the care journey and advancing medication adherence and affordability.

As an independent resource for manufacturers, we continue to evolve, expand and refine our comprehensive HUB services and are able to pivot in response to unforeseen market changes.

To schedule a meeting to discuss our custom solutions for Life Sciences manufacturers, please click here.

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