End-to-End Solutions Optimise Specialty Product Access and Market Entry, Enhance Outcomes for Rare Disease Patients

Terebellum and its parent company, AscellaHealth Reflect on Rare Disease Day.
AscellaHealth EU
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Terebellum and its parent company, AscellaHealth recognised Rare Disease Day on 28th February – an annual event to help raise awareness of the 7,000+ rare diseases that impact over 300 million people globally.

To reflect on this observance, Terebellum illustrates how cutting-edge, streamlined solutions for specialty and rare disease life sciences manufacturers ensure a streamlined launch to market, improve patient access to therapy, and increase adherence with custom clinical programmes, resulting in optimised medication access and patient outcomes.

From pre-commercialisation and market access planning to implementation and post-launch, Terebellum guides pharmaceutical manufacturers through the entire commercialisation process, having launched, managed, and transitioned over 40 successful programmes. Our end-to-end solutions ensure products are brought to market successfully by achieving optimal access, while our high-touch specialty pharmacy and patient management capabilities enable seamless fulfilment and increased compliance of specialty and rare disease pharmaceuticals.

These solutions also include clinical trial management, exclusive distribution partnerships, international specialty pharmacy fulfilment, unique financial and copay assistance solutions and high-touch patient support and HUB services such as patient intake, and custom clinical programmes with interventions at key points in therapy.

Terebellum’s innovative life sciences solutions address the challenges and barriers to accessing therapies and obtaining optimal outcomes that rare disease patients face – from burdensome social and financial difficulties, which may impede a timely start to therapy, to compliance issues relating to patients being able to stay on therapy.

By choosing a single-source launch partner with in-depth specialty and rare disease expertise, manufacturers have access to integrated and customised services tailored to manage costs and meet specific needs throughout the product lifecycle and beyond.

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